A Big Idea in Miniature

Making a brand memorable through unforgettable storytelling

We created an entire fictional world around scaled models of Dockzilla ramps and loading docks to highlight their unique benefits. We then filmed a captivating online video series that always took place at "Mr. Leum's Dockyard"--complete with scoundrels, nefarious plans and the best ramps ever created.

Services Provided

  • Campaign Development
  • Creative Ideation
  • Digital Advertising
  • Video Production


The Morsekode team was thrilled when our Dockzilla client asked us to create an online video series promoting their ramps and docks, but there was one major problem: we couldn't access their loading docks or ramps. They're shipped straight from the manufacturing plant to the customer. 


We discovered that our client had scaled models of their products that they used for tradeshows. We decided if we couldn't go to the actual ramps and loading docks, we could bring the scaled models to us. We could then create a fictional world around the models. Dockzilla's founder, Grant Leum, is an avid toy enthusiast, so using toy characters made a lot of sense; it also added to our engagement factor. To lend a note of credibility to our make-believe world, Grant starred in each episode and delivered all of the product benefits. 


We had a big idea, so we set out to create it in miniature. The creative team settled on episodes featuring toy baddies who are always in need of a proper loading dock or ramp. This contrasted well with Mr. Leum and his products, who are always shining beacons of quality and heroism. Members of the Morsekode team volunteered to play the cast of characters and even sing on the custom soundtrack. While it may all sound like child's play, one thing is certain, these videos will get to work when it comes to cutting through the clutter.


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