Boston Scientific

Making the Most of 3 Minutes

Enabling sales teams to make the most of 3-minute engagements with an interactive app.

Boston Scientific engaged with Morsekode to develop a more effective sales tool. We began by interviewing five sales people to learn more about their needs during the sales process. The key insight was that most engagements with physicians happen between patient visits, lasting just three minutes. Current sales tools — PowerPoints and lengthy brochures — were ineffective because they didn't provide the flexibility to quickly jump to the most relevant content or present it in an engaging manner. 

We leveraged Adobe technology to create an interactive iPad app built around a jump menu — which empowered the sales person to jump to any specific content in the app within just two clicks. Morsekode designed the entire user experience, including color coded nav and icons, to help users find what they needed even while walking and talking in busy hospitals Finally, we added 3D animation to bring the products to life and highlight their differentiating capabilities. Response from marketing leadership and sales staff has been overwhelmingly positive.

Services Provided

  • Creative Ideation
  • Sales Tools
  • Video Production
  • Web & App Development


The innovative navigation and a new jump menu allow for navigation to any part of the presentation in just two taps. This enables salespeople to engage prospects with the most relevant content in the shortest amount of time, and the flexibility to switch gears and jump to any topic based on the conversation.

3D Animations

We also produced high-quality product photography and added 3D animation to provide physicians with the detail they need to make informed buying decisions. Custom animations showed off the key differentiators and specific mechanism of actions.


To demonstrate how the manufacturing of the Innova system is superior to the competition, we told the story of how Boston Scientific makes their products and filmed at the manufacturing facility with key close-ups of the production in action. 

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