Boston Scientific

Showing the Science Behind Pathfinding Products

Giving interventional radiologists a glimpse of a comprehensive and beautifully designed portfolio of products.

Boston Scientific has a full portfolio of products designed to stop blood flow, starving and killing tumors. Research discovered a lack of awareness regarding the specific design and manufacturing techniques that make Boston Scientific's products unique. They also discovered that their target market is comprised of "techie tinkers," people who are excited by engineering details. They like to pave the path and find creative solutions to treat their patients, and as a result they're willing to try new companies and products. 

We crafted a series of videos that demonstrate, through technical detail, the superior design and manufacturing standards that go into Boston Scientific Interventional Oncology products. Sophisticated production techniques were utilized to show the products in ways the client had never explored before. We filmed at the client's facilities in Minnesota and Ireland. We turned the full-length portfolio video into smaller videos on each specific product to maximize the video content.

Services Provided

  • Video Production

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