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Reframing customers' perceptions to give a brand the credit it deserves.

Audio-Technica is a well-established and well-recognized brand, but a broad portfolio that included products at a lower price point was having a negative effect on the brand's image. No one was acknowledging their long history or the level of engineering that went into all of their products. We attacked the problem by creating a unifying and consistent message across all market segments.

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  • Brand Identity Development


Audio-Technica's reputation was taking a hit because 1) their audience was not aware of the engineering expertise that went into their products--at every price point 2) their brand communications were inconsistent across various market segments.



Through research and strategy exploration, we found Audio-Technica wasn’t getting credit for their strong product quality, despite the fact that industry pubs like Wired rated Audio-Technica’s noise-canceling headphones better than Bose. Their products also used Japanese engineering, a prestigious distinction in the audio equipment market. We used these insights to create a unifying message for their brand. 


We created a comprehensive brand positioning and strategy platform around the creative theme of “Experience More.” Each piece highlighted the superior engineering and features that go into all of Audio-Technica's equipment. We also designed a brand identity system that was integrated across advertising, web, packaging, trade show, collateral, stationery, and more. To emphasize the brand's heritage, we created a book showcasing their 40-year history.

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