Sports & Entertainment

A content collision

As media and technology continue to collide, and consumers grow more digitally connected and mobilized, brands are more empowered than ever to connect with consumers through modern-day channels. And with technology enabling endless immersive and emotive experiences, those connections are becoming more impactful and, more importantly, valuable.

By tapping into Sports and Entertainment, two industries that drive popular culture, brands can seamlessly join the conversation where and when content is being consumed and build relationships with consumers in ways that are welcomed.

There’s also been a dramatic shift in the balance of power in the Sports and Entertainment industry. Athletes and entertainers are no longer just performers, they’re influencers and media channels themselves. Social is now center stage, and winning brands take full advantage of this spotlight and influence.

Services Provided

  • Brand Partnerships
  • Creative Ideation
  • Content Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Sponsorship Activation
  • Strategy & Research
  • Video Production

How Can Morsekode Help You

Sponsorship Activation

Sponsorship is no longer about paying for logo placement. When we partner with you to activate your sponsorship, we discover the best ways to connect emotively with your audience while considering technology integration, social media strategy and engagement metrics to ensure ROI.

Influencer Marketing

By harnessing the power and influence of Sports & Entertainment, we align your brand with influencers who have shared values and already have the eyes and ears of your audience. With a strategy in place, we let the power of social fuel engagement while identifying ways to optimize and amplify.

Content Marketing

With your business objectives in mind, we identify the types of content that will best serve the needs of your audience. Next, we concept, create and distribute customized content across relevant digital platforms while monitoring engagement, analyzing data and feeding the channels where we’re connecting the most.

Brand Partnerships

A successful brand partnership benefits brands and fans alike. That’s why we start by identifying the mutual mission and the benefit to the consumer. Then we establish roles and responsibilities and activate the partnership through content creation, emotive activations, PR and beyond.

Game Planning

Aligning your brand with today’s fast-paced, entertainment-focused culture requires quick insight gathering, intuition and rapid activation of strategic and creative thinking. Contact us today if you’re interested in hearing how we’d approach a game plan for your brand’s future.